Open Spaces

San Francisco's natural beauty deserves to be matched by it's manmade beauty. Dirty streets are a safety hazard, hurt small businesses and tourism, and degrade our community's quality of life. Both our street space and open space deserve to be shining examples of how our city takes care of itself and it's people. 


Our Rec & Park committee is working to improve this by:

  • Holding quarterly "Adopt-a-Street" Street Cleanup days. During one recent event, our volunteers collected 3 dozen bags of trash in just 2 hours.

  • Supporting North Beach Citizen's model of empowering those on the streets with the dignity of work in their Street Cleanup program.

  • Researching Big Belly trash cans, a model that has consistently proven to reduce waste and save costs across our city and country.

  • Partnering with Parks & Rec to inform our community of important updates to Washington Square Park and working to make sure the impending 2019 closure is well thought out with thorough mitigtation efforts attached.