October 1st North Beach Public Safety Meeting


On October 1st, 2018 a North Beach Public Safety meeting was held. As demonstrated by the photo above, the turnout was strong with over 200 people in attendance. For those who could not attend, we have compiled an outline of the topics discussed that evening. These notes are incomplete and are meant to simply share the general conversation and should not be treated as direct quotes.

If you want to join our efforts to improve Neighborhood Safety, please consider joining North Beach Neighbors and expressing interest in our Neighborhood Safety committee.


Purpose of community meeting:

  • Review community concerns re: uptick in crime and aggravated street behavior. Provide an overview of what SFPD and City Departments are doing now. Answer questions about existing processes from constituents. Brainstorm additional resources, and share opportunities for partnership.


  • Over 215 attendees + staff, police officers, representatives, news crew

  • SFPD Chief Bill Scott

  • Captain Paul Yep

  • Commander David Lazar

  • Jazmin Barrera

  • Edwin Batongbacal

  • Eileen Loughran

  • Randy Quezada

  • Supervisor Peskin

Incidents listed (by Captain Yep)

  • April 2018: “Scissors Incident”; Marina is currently in custody

  • August 27th: Attempted child kidnapping on walk to school; Outstanding investigation -- vehicle description: White Volkswagon Jetta, partial license plate “7I”

  • Sept 4: Joe D. Playground scaring kids and parents; Suspect in custody

  • Homicides

    • June 2018: Homicide at store along 900 block of Columbus Ave; Suspect in custody

    • March 11 2017: Homicide on 500 block of Green; Outstanding investigation

Commander Lazar

  • Three initiatives under his division: Cleanliness, Homelessness, Healthy Streets (collaborative effort)

Homeless statistics in U.S.

  • 25% have serious mental health issues

  • 25% have substance abuse problems

  • Both statistics are likely higher in S.F.

Community Health Representatives

  • Specific services offered/provided to people who are 5150’d, like intensive housing

    • Difficult when people refuse services

  • Behavioral Health Courts; Drug Courts

  • Over 22,500 injection drug users in S.F.

    • What can be done to provide clean syringes and reduce litter?

    • 1:1 Safe Needle exchange balanced with reducing spread of disease (AIDS/Hep)

    • Most drug users inject 4-5 times per day (4-5 needles/day)

  • Two specific teams for engaging with those on the streets

    • Crisis Team: for those who are a threat to themselves or others (suicidal, etc)

    • HOT Team: “Homeless Outreach Team” deal with encampments, refer to Navigation Centers, etc

  • Previously Laura’s Law, now known as Assisted Health

Supervisor Peskin

  • Happy to answer questions about Navigation Center and speak with neighborhood groups

  • There are lots of projects that go unnoticed that have helped homelessness, e.g. the affordable housing project at Broadway & Battery

  • Let’s build a safety ring around our parks

  • His role in the community is as a “Lawmaker”

  • Follow-up email to come to everyone who signed up via email at door

Captain Yep

  • As of 3 weeks ago, additional resources and strategy; sweeps/clean-ups done in conjunction with DPW; officers to write up anyone for criminal offenses / violations (i.e. anything that they can be written up for)

  • 2 specific conclusions on why Richmond was safest district:

  1. Neighborhood was very organized with its neighborhood watch programs (SF SAFE provides resources)

  2. Video surveillance was high; hotspots had strong video presence

What can you do?

  • Use 311 app or number -- report incidents often and when they happen

  • Report crime (such as break-ins, etc). If police don’t know about it, they don’t know how high crime rates truly are

  • Syringe cleanup number: 415.810.1337

  • Email healthystreets@sfgov.com

  • Install home video surveillance

  • Don’t leave valuables (or anything) in car

  • Get involved in police process and public policy-making (per SFPD Chief)

  • Have family safety/code words

Public Commentary and Questions

  • Vacant businesses are a blight on the community; they are detrimental to families and the well being of the neighborhood. Dark streets encourage vandals, crime, and sleeping in entryways

    • What is being done to address this?

  • What is the Fix-It team? Does it do anything?

  • The city’s budget has increased and the problems have gotten worse; city and officials should be ashamed. D3 has expanded but allocation of police staff has not

  • Can police patrol areas like Trader Joe’s, etc? It will require cooperation from businesses.

  • Letting issues fester and not report them results in the extremity / escalation we’re seeing now (example of man exposing himself outside Safeway and no one doing anything about it)

  • Will the Navigation Center only help the people who want to be helped? There are a lot of people in North Beach who don’t want support, want to abuse our streets, and do whatever they want