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An Update On A Proposed Navigation Center

Two weeks ago, we sent a letter to the city and elected officials asking for answers on the proposed Navigation Center at Bay & Kearny.

Now, after conversations with the Supervisor's Office and the Department of Homelessness & Supportive Housing, we have an important set of updates to share...

*The proposed site at Bay & Kearny is no longer being pursued. The site was deemed as too small, with space for just 50 beds. This would have meant costs of $150/bed per night, 3x the cost of a traditional and shelter and 50% higher than other Navigation Centers.

*For a site in District 3, the ideal site would have 20,000 sq. feet and be available for 4+ years.

*Along the Embarcadero, South of Market, there are plans for a 200-bed SAFE center. This may be able to accommodate some of the homeless population from our neighborhood.

North Beach Neighbors is committed to continuing to connecting the city to our neighborhood to work together for solutions to homelessness. With firm answers now on the Navigation Center, we will look forward to more viable solutions.