Reimagining the Intersection of Columbus/Stockton/Green with “The Columbus Teardrop”

An updated rendering of what we think is possible today.

An updated rendering of what we think is possible today.

A past concept by SFCTA, in 2010.

A past concept by SFCTA, in 2010.


April 23, 2019

Aaron Peskin, Supervisor

City Hall

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244

San Francisco, Ca 94102-4689

Via email:

Re: Reimagining Intersection of Columbus/Stockton/Green with “The Columbus Teardrop”

Dear Supervisor Peskin,

We are writing to join our fellow neighborhood group, Telegraph Hill Dwellers, in support of the placement of a pedestrian scramble scenario at the intersection of Columbus Avenue, Stockton, and Green Streets. We would also like to ask that pedestrian safety and transit efficiency be taken a step further by considering reimagining the intersection as a combination pedestrian scramble and teardrop-shaped rotary intersection with a small sculpture plaza/pedestrian refuge at center.

This idea is not new. Similar conceptual designs for an oval-shaped rotary intersection were drawn up by the neighborhood group RENEW SF, in the years leading up to the recent Columbus Avenue Project. Those designs were revolutionary then, but seem like common sense now in light of our Vision Zero commitments.

We request that NTIP funds be allocated for the expedited design and implementation of this project. After recent pedestrian and bicycle fatalities were deemed preventable, elected officials, SFMTA, and other city departments all worked together to ensure such improvements were installed in a matter of weeks, not years. North Beach Neighbors believes such responsiveness by those same parties could result in the rapid realization of this very important and much overdue street improvement.

Please see the image above for a schematic visualization of the proposed “Columbus Teardrop.”

Sincerely yours,

Daniel J. Sauter, President

Tony Wessling, Chair, Complete Streets Committee

cc: Director of Transportation, Edward D. Reiskin

Local Government Affairs Manager, Joél T. Ramos

District 3 Supervisor, Aaron Peskin

PSAC, Gabrielle Haug

Legend for Design
• Red arrow over curb lane on Columbus indicates MUNI and RIGHT TURN ONLY.

• Yellow triangles could start as paint and posts, and move to permanent pedestrian islands if concept proves viable.

• Current DO NOT ENTER restriction from Stockton across to Green would be removed to allow full flow of vehicular traffic around the Teardrop.

• Vehicular traffic could be on a completely separate cycle from pedestrians, pedestrians could have permanent right-of-way with signs requiring vehicular traffic to yield, or there could be a hybrid of the two: Every couple of minutes, traffic would be given a red light in all directions to allow a pedestrian scramble, and then revert to amber flashing lights with pedestrian-priority right of way.